Anonymous: Sorry if this is a question that was already asked but I looked through your FAQ and couldn't find an answer: how does one find their patron deity? I'm very new to paganism and witchcraft in general, I started dabbling in elemental magic and the faerie realm a few months ago but didn't do much more than reading and trying to get my elements into balance.


here are some suggestions and ideas for you:

  • are you drawn to any pantheons in particular? begin researching the ones you’re the most drawn to and see which deities call out to you the most
  • read: read, read, read. knowledge opens doors.
  • research deities, their mythology, offerings, symbols, and the culture(s) in which they were/are worshiped
  • if the culture and/or religion in which the deity is worshiped is a closed one, it may be best not to proceed (see: cultural appropriation) or, if possible, get in contact with people who are a part of that culture and ask them for guidance.
  • some of the most common ways for deities to reveal themselves are through dreams, meditative visions, symbolism, and animals.
  • begin meditating and keep a meditation journal. over time, write down what you feel and what you might see or hear during any visualizations/visions during meditation
  • begin keeping a dream journal as well - take note of any animals, colors, flowers/plants, and other elements that seem important (same goes for when you’re meditating) - take note of any reoccurring themes or patterns
  • stop and consider: is there anything that you’ve always been drawn to, that strongly resonates with you? nature, the ocean, a specific animal, art, fire, woodworking, etc. you could look into deities associated with these things.
  • learn to trust your instincts and intuition.
  • divination can also be very useful when trying to pinpoint one’s patron deities and/or communicate with them.
  • if you are interested in a particular deity, you can try telling them flat out that you’d like their guidance and that you’d like to honor them, and ask for them to give you signs that you’ll be able to recognize. one way you can do this by composing a ritual, making an offering and speaking sincerely. be respectful and don’t make demands or try to force anything. if you’re not sure what to offer them or what is associated with them - go with your gut. some traditional offerings are cakes, wine, juice, milk, honey, and/or incense.
  • be attentive, look for names, words, symbols, and images that come up a lot in your daily life and dreams. be mindful of themes and patterns. keep an eye out for animals that may be behaving in an unusual manner (but learn when to distinguish when an animal may be ill, rather than showing interest in you, usually by consulting a veterinarian or someone who routinely works with the animal in question)
  • it’s okay to worship a deity that you feel drawn to, but haven’t been contacted by, yet. a lot of people do this!
  • try not to stress and try to be patient, gods and goddesses usually reveal themselves in their own time or when they feel it’s right.
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